Do you need help hiring, managing team members or with dreaded firings?

Managing people can be one of the most challenging aspects of a business, no matter the size. Handling 10 employees is, in many ways, as complex as managing 1000 employees. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur preparing to hire your first contractor, a mid-sized company needing to outsource your Human Resources, or a corporate manager needing an outside perspective or voice, I’d love to help you.

Here are some of the tasks I’ve tackled:

  • Small business hiring/firing techniques
  • Designing legally-sound management systems that fit businesses of all varieties
  • Built and manage a team of 20 virtual employees
  • Speaking to groups of 5 to 500 on a variety of topics, including team-building
  • Mediating employee/contractor and management conflicts
  • Writing a successful human resources and management blog, with over 1,000 hits weekly
  • {insert your business task here!}
In every project handled by The Invisible Office, YOU, the business owner/management, are integral to the process. We work together to find solutions, generate new ideas, and build a system for effectively managing the human element in your business.
You can request a free, no-obligation strategy session where we can get to work on the issues in your business.


I’ve got over 7 years of experience in people management, from a multi-region pharmacy company, legal offices, and small-business ownership. In addition, I’m currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology focusing in Workplace Efficiency with the intent to continue to a Ph.D. in Human Resources, bringing my knowledge and learning into a program to develop a resource small businesses can trust for people management.
Why The Invisible Office? When building my own small business after leaving the corporate world in 2009, I wanted to utilize the training and experience I already had to build a team of incredible people. Within just a few months, I had assembled 20 transcriptionists and created a successful service business run completely on a virtual platform. It wasn’t easy, but I learned more and gained incredible insight in the process.

It was then I realized I wanted to offer the learning, the challenges, and the skills I harnessed to create my own team with other small businesses and entrepreneurs. I created The Invisible Office as an action guide for business owners. Complete with online access to videos, interviews, worksheets and more, this course and upcoming book is truly my heart’s work: sharing the secrets of leveraging the skills of multiple people with the freedom of entrepreneurship, and keeping the “human” aspect of people management at the core of Human Resources.
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