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by Erica Cosminsky on May 23, 2011

My Intention is to set daily intentions and realize I can’t control everything. Doors open when I stop fighting it.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve mentioned my supposed quarter-life crisis a few times. The past 6 months a lot of doors have closed behind me and the next few months just as many more will be finally closed. It’s been a huge time of growth and expansion. Before the end of this year I will graduate from college, just in time to watch my daughter graduate pre-school and go off to kindergarten. My book will be published soon, another “baby” I’ll have to let go of.

Through my struggle, I found an overflowing ball of happiness to support me.

I’m talking about Molly Mahar of Stratejoy. I began reading her blog through the design goddess, Amanda Farough, right about the time I hit my full-blown crisis. My sort-of crisis was apprehension at what to do with myself. I had no focus of what the next few years of my life were going to hold. I felt like I was holding my business back as well. Uncertainty is the scariest thing I think I’ve ever faced.

Molly is awesome. A few more words to describe her, smart, lively, funny, energetic, always happy and excited. I started in one of her 5 week coaching groups and even though I’m in a little bit different place than the other ladies, we’ve meshed together well. Since I was already working with Molly, I was excited when she announced the launch of Joy Juice.

Joy Juice has been my therapy in an email.

Now if you are starting out fresh, I’d suggest you start with The Joy Equation. But let me explain what they both are.

The Joy Equation is a 30 day journaling course, complete with four 90 minute audio sessions, a 40 page workbook, 30 days of journaling prompts, plus weekly exercises. The course is designed for 20-30 year old women who are ready to take back their lives. Being that I do everything backwards, I bought Joy Juice first.

Joy Juice is a year’s worth of journal prompts that auto-deliver to your inbox every 3 days. I just finished prompt 6 and I had to go get a new journal. Once I started letting go, I filled the pages quickly. I also worked through some of my coaching exercises in the same journal but that was just a few pages.

How I’ve Used It.

I’m sure you know how personal journaling can be. It’s for you and you alone. So you can say things that you’d never open up to anyone else about. That was a huge key for me. I held back on the first post, like I was writing a note to someone else. But what I’ve found is that if I come back to the entry when my new prompt comes out, reread my affirmations, and write what’s changed (yes even in 3 days) and continue my thoughts I get much more out of the process. It also warms me up for my new prompt and I open up to myself more.

As far as Molly’s coaching has gone, I have a much clearer idea of where my business and I are headed over the next year. I’m sure you’ll hear more about that in a few weeks around this site. (Sign up for my newsletter for extra details!)

Shiny gift too!

When I ordered my Joy Juice subscription, I ordered one for my mom too. The prompts jumped out as something she needed to, in a different way than I did but in the same instant just as much for a changing life.

Since I’m being open (the first line up there is straight out of my journal), I am not an affiliate for Molly. I just LOVE her that much. Her blog is well worth a read, even if you aren’t ready to throw money at her yet. (It’s worth it!)


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